Middle Of A Forest

I have woken up in the middle of a forest. I don’t know how I reached here. There is no way out. I have been walking aimlessly for the past hour. Or has it been one day? I don’t know. The forest seems to be expanding. I know I have to find a way out but I can’t. The more I walk, the more lost I feel. I am wearing the same clothes as I was wearing last night at this house party that I went to. I normally avoid going to parties because the music is too loud and the people are even louder. But last night was a fun thing. People were singing my favourite songs, and it wasn’t loud, and there were conversations and laughter and wine. I like these kind of soirees. At one point, this one gentleman even played a bit of Chopin. It was fantastic. I wanted to walk up to him to appreciate his skills but I chose to concentrate on my hors d'oeuvre instead. Does Paneer Tikka qualify to be called some form of hors d'oeuvre? I doubt.

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