I am driving to Munnar. It’s been two hours and I haven’t uttered a single word. I feel like all the eyes are carefully observing me. It’s my turn to speak. Say something, you freak. My friends and I have been planning this trip to Munnar since months now. Every weekend I find some reason to postpone it. But here we are now. Okay, I really gotta say something. I clear my throat. You know how people say their sleep cycle is fucked because of multiple night outs, and how they can’t concentrate during the day till the next weekend? You have heard of it right? Well at some point in my life, I think my life cycle got fucked. I am just seeing the days go by. And I don’t feel like keeping my eyes open on most days. But you still gotta. Right? Keep your eyes open. How will you earn all that money otherwise? And pay the EMI of this car? I am waiting for the next weekend of my life. To fix this terrible cycle. I wonder if it’s ever gonna come or not.

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