I don’t think I am going back

“Sir, coffee or tea?”, the air hostess asks me one more time. My half-asleep eyes open up slightly to say no. It’s a kind of ‘no’ which indicates that neither do I want any tea/coffee nor do I want to be entertained with any more questions and also if she ever comes back with anything, this emphatic ‘NO’ should be sufficient. I am done talking for the rest of the day. Do you ever feel like that? That you have had enough of chirping for the day and if you could walk with your eyes and mouth shut, you would? I feel like that quite a lot nowadays. I boarded this flight one hour ago. Two more hours of this suffering and then I will be back on the road. I web checked in and chose a window seat but some lady came and sat there and refused to just get up. She said she had some sort of issue with her leg or something, I don’t remember clearly, and sitting at the window seat will be better for her. She thought she had convinced me by making this stupid excuse. But I didn’t care so I smiled and gave her my seat. I just wished her to shut up. I’d rather sit on the wings than have any more of this conversation with her. Thankfully, she did shut up and passed out even before the flight took off. An ideal passenger. I hope she’s alive though.

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