I have always wanted to go to Iceland. I remember it was fifth or sixth grade, and our teacher asked everyone where would we wanna go for the vacation. Some said Shimla, some said Kashmir, but I said Reykjavík. The teacher asked me where it was and I said, very proudly, that it’s Iceland’s capital. Everyone gave me weird looks as if a person can’t dream. Of course, I pronounced the unpronounced J in Reykjavík. But now looking back at that class, I think nobody was smart enough to correct me, let alone the teacher. If school teachers in India were smart, then they would not have been school teachers in India. It is an honorable profession, yes, but there is nothing to admire about the person who willingly chooses to be a part of a rotten education system. It’s either they have given up on dreaming big or they are expecting too much from our governments. They should be respected but they aren’t and yet they keep doing their jobs. A strange breed really.

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