We All Gonna Make It

The year was 2046. I still remember that day very clearly. I woke up very late. Or was I awake the whole night, I couldn’t remember. It was one of those nights where you have trouble adjusting to everything. Even though I slept for more than 7 hours I think, my body didn’t feel right. Must have slept weirdly. I often do that. I have been sleeping in weird positions since 2010. Even though my knee doesn’t bend as much as it used to back then, I still manage to put it in a terrible position. Everybody has their thing. That was my thing. My okyu was still on my eyes. I must have slept with it. That’s a first. The okyu was gifted to me by my friend from the States just recently. It’s the latest tech, he said. It really was very thin and lightweight. Maybe that is why I couldn’t feel it while sleeping. I switched it on (it was already on) and entered into my favourite metaverse- Klax. I had left my shopping unfinished the previous day, so I wanted to finish it that day before going to work. The shopping was for a close friend’s wedding that was gonna happen a week later. It was a theme-based wedding where everyone would dress up like how people used to dress up in 2016. Kurta pyjama and shit. I still remember what a task it was to find them.

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